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How does an E-Club work?

A Zonta e- Club has all rights and duties of a regular club. In most ways, the chartering of a Zonta e-Club is no different than that of a traditional in-person meeting club. The steps would be the same; however, the meeting format may change.

The only difference between a traditional club and an e-Club is that e-Clubs hold their meetings electronically. An e-Club has all of the rights and responsibilities of a traditional Zonta club. It is a Zonta club that simply holds their club meetings, business and projects mainly electronically

A Zonta e-Club uses technology to hold their meetings, organize events, projects and club business.


As with any Zonta club, the membership of the e-Club shall be limited to classified members, past international presidents and honorary members. Zonta e-Club members can be located in the same community, geographic area, state, district, region, country or may be scattered across the globe .Members can be connected by friendship, fellowship, professional relations, or mission focus.

You may find individuals interested in joining an e-Club as it allows for time flexibility, ability to participate in a meeting wherever they may be, and for building friendships and networks easily throughout the Zonta world.

Charter Ceremony While a traditional charter ceremony may not be possible with a Zonta e-Club, a celebration can be held at a virtual meeting, an area meeting, inter-district meeting, or district conference and convention. In addition to celebrating the formation of the new club, hosting the event at this time can encourage attendance at these events. Members of a Zonta e-Club are encouraged to take part in events at area, district and international levels

Meetings Holding electronic meetings is a huge benefit for many busy members. It allows them time flexibility, while they can still participate in meetings in the comfort of their own chosen location. or are some of the tools used where members can see each other, share documents, participate with Q&A with a speaker and learn new ideas during electronic meetings. Meetings can be recorded which allows those not able to attend to watch at a later time so they do not miss out on club activities. Members can learn about new technology that may help in their chosen professions.

Activities Club activities may include the promotion of women's rights and the promotion of other civil rights and freedoms.

Communication Communication in between can be held with tools like, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facetime,Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and also via Mail, phone or letters

Face to Face Meeting Another difference is that e-Clubs are encouraged to have at least one face-to-face meeting a year, this is usually held at a District meeting. e-Club members are entitled and encouraged to participate in all events and activities of the district and/or area as well as international conventions.

Mission Like all Zonta clubs, e-Clubs promote Zonta’s goals and work to empower women through service and advocacy. e-Club members may meet in-person as a group or independently for service or fundraising projects upon each member’s proximity to one another. Such programs or activities should be in alignment with Zonta’s mission, such as Violence against women among others.

Fellowship events like book clubs or movie night allow members to build friendships and networks while meeting through electronic means. Like traditional clubs, e-Club members accept leadership roles that promote service and advocacy.

Service and Advocacy projects for e-Clubs can be similar to traditional club projects other than eClubs work electronically on their projects while impacting a community’s needs.

A Zonta e-Club is as committed and effective as a traditional club that meets in-person in their mission of empowering women.

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