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Service and Advocacy projects for e-Clubs can be similar to traditional club projects. An e-Club can work electronically on its projects while considering the local community’s needs.   

In September 2020 our club decided that all our future donations will support the International Zonta Project "Adolescent Girls’ Health and Protection in Peru". The project aims to guarantee the rights of indigenous and rural adolescent girls and respond to their needs by preventing pregnancy, addressing mental health concerns and providing a protective environment from violence by ensuring quality, gender-sensitive, and culturally adapted health, education and protection services. Read more here:

e-Winetasting with Eva Vollmer

During the virtual winetasting, guests are able to listen to the German winery owner Dr. Eva Vollmer, which produced the wines one can buy. With a lot of charm and knowledge she guides our guests through the evening, telling fascinating stories about her personal and professional growth as a young entrepreneur. 

"Eva = authentic, creative, robust, & unvarnished like her wines". Each of her wines slips into its own personality and is brought to the bottle with great care, but also with passionate power. If one could capture the energy it exudes, then the nuclear phase-out would no longer be an issue! And besides the grape harvest, the wine making is one of her great passions. 


Zonta e-club Bavaria decided to support the Zonta International Project "Let us Learn Madagascar" with the donations made by the participants of the last four winetastings. Let Us Learn is an integrated education program that is creating opportunities for vulnerable and excluded children, particularly girls, in Madagascar to realize their right to an education in a secure and protective environment. Through international funding on behalf of Zonta clubs, the project aims to ensure that more children, particularly girls (who drop out at higher levels in the post-primary level) have access to post-primary education and stay in school and that Madagascar’s education system has the capacity to offer quality teaching for enhanced learning outcomes.

Find more information on the project and its goals here:

"100 Jahre ZONTA - 100 starke Frauen"

On 8 November 2019, Zonta International marked a century of commitment to empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy. To celebrate 100 years of female empowerment and compassion, Zonta e-club Bavaria launched the project "100 years of ZONTA - 100 strong women". Regularly, we post photos and short profiles with significant quotes by strong women who inspire our club members. These photos and short texts are published on our Instagram account. 

Find all women on our Instagram account: 

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Creative Writing Tandem with migrant women
(with Schreibwerkstatt Ingolstadt)
(under development)

During the writing workshop, migrant women have the opportunity to reflect on their own migration experience and learn or discuss methods how to be able to write about it. The workshop is organized by the IN VIA KOFIZA Landesstelle Bayern, with the support of the Caritas district office in Ingolstadt, the equal opportunities office and the integration officer of the city of Ingolstadt. The point of the workshop is not to write a text in perfect German, but instead, writing offers the women the opportunity to listen to themselves and take a closer look at their (changed) surroundings. When we write, we organize and reflect on our experiences. It becomes clearer what is a burden, it becomes clearer what works and what gives strength.


Zonta e-Club Bavaria became aware of the women, who are guided and consulted by by Dr. Marina Jaciuk, during several live readings of their stories. We are currently in the process of establishing mentoring tandems between writing migrant women and members of our club, where closer relations can be established.

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Motto (2020/2021): Nachhaltigkeit und digitale Optimierung - vorgestellt von Powerfrauen

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