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Equal Pay Day Germany 2021

Equal Pay Day, an international day of action for equal pay between women and men, indicates the existing gender pay gap and is celebrated on different days in numerous countries. The day of action symbolically marks the wage gap between women and men.


In Germany, Equal Pay Day is set each year on the day up to which women would work free of charge if they received the same wages as men. In the last 10 years, this day has only moved forward by about two weeks. In 2021 it is held on March 10th, in 2011 it was March 25th. The wage gap in Germany has barely changed for years at stagnates at around 19%. This puts the nation in a European comparison on one of the last places - the European Gender Pay Gap is around 15 percent. Furthermore, there are significant regional difference between West Germany and East Germany. With retirement, the wage gap between men and women increases even more - to around 53%, making Germany the country with the largest gender pension pay gap among the OECD countries. How the pandemic will affect the pay gap and what it means for the improvement of gender equality in Germany is currently investigated. 1

This years campaign for Equal Pay Day shows ways out of the gender pay gap. By making testimonials of empowering game changers available, the goal is to animate gender equality reflected in equal pay in large parts of society.

Game changers are courageous, creative, modern doers. People who are active, innovative and competitive. Game changers are winners in a double sense of the word: They win their game and motivate others to follow suit.

Through various initiatives, this day not only draws attention to the gender pay gap issue, but also advocates for the appreciation of professions in social work and health care through higher collective wages, better working conditions and more opportunities for professional developments, the introduction of gender quotas for women in management positions in business and the expansion of women's representation in political advisory and political decision-making bodies.

One example of a game changer is Dr. Julia Freudenberg, who created the GIRLS Hacker School, a format that inspires young girls and women across Germany to start programming. The program aspires to provide a digital basic education that is essential for active participation in a male dominated discipline and shows that a balanced family and work life is possible.

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1 synopsis of pay gap in Germany

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