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Women in leadership - Zonta International interviews e-club Bavaria member Katharina Miller

In the recent Zonta International Newsletter (October 28, 2020) an interview with one of our e-club members, Katharina Miller (on the far right), was highlighted within the theme of Women in leadership—networking, mentoring and the Zonta connection. Katharina shared her thoughts on how receiving a Zonta International award has changed her life, encouraging leadership and continued mentorship.

Katharina (photo on the right) won the "Young Women in Public Affairs Award" on district level in 1998, yet her connection to Zonta continues to this day as she maintains her membership and her work in the YWPA committee. Katharina met Gertrud Scheiger, the Zonta Club of Stuttgart club officer responsible for the YWPA Award, and formed what Katharina calls a "magic relationship" through mentorship.

"It was very empowering to be surrounded by all these wonderful professionals and that’s when my next goal was set: I wanted to become an excellent professional and eligible for Zonta membership," Katharina said.

In 2011, this wish came true and she became a member of the Zonta Club of Madrid km0. With leadership development support from a fellow member, Katharina became club president and a committee chairman. Since then, life has evolved and in 2018, Katharina was welcomed into the Zonta e-Club of Bavaria.

"I myself am German-born, however, I am based in Madrid, Spain now and this membership with the Zonta e-club of Bavaria allows me to maintain my connections with German Zontians. The e-club fits perfectly into my very full agenda with my own business and family.", Katharina said.

Since July 2020, Katharina has been a member of the International Young Women in Public Affairs Award Committee, which is an enormous honor and pleasure for her.

"I would strongly recommend every woman to take over leadership responsibilities and that they should not be afraid of failure; yes, I would even dare to say that every woman should embrace failure!" Katharina said. "Thanks to Zonta, I have been learning that at least for me carefully listening, empathy and excellent communication within any group that I have been leading are some of the most important key and success factors."

Katharina's remarkable trajectory is proof that Zonta International fellowships, scholarships and award programs inspire the recipients to meet and develop networks with other women and girls in and beyond their career fields, empowering them and inspiring them to become leaders in their communities. We are very proud and grateful to have Katharina as an experienced Zontian and woman leader in our e-club.

Read more about the Zonta Education Programs (fellowships, scholarships and awards) here:

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